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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Airshow, McChord AFB, July 20th, 2008

Mt. Rainier looms in the distance over McChord AFB. Thunderbirds and others performed in the shadow of this great mountain making for some spectacular images.

Thunderbirds aircraft lined up on the ramp in preparation for the show.

Mt. Rainier looms in the background.

An F-15 demonstrates shortfield take-off an rapid climb capability.

Lone thunderbird pierces between a pair of pairs.

Thunderbirds come around for another close pass. Mt. Rainier looks on in the distance.

Diamond formation.

Sweeping by the mountain.

Bizarre mating ritual?


Landing - the performance is concluded.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Whalers Cove

Whalers Cove at Po‘ipu is a beautiful place to stay while visiting Kauai. Centrally located on the island's south shore, the area is pleasant and peaceful, and the weather tends to be nice. Whalers Cove sits atop a rocky shoreline, close to popular beaches and within an easy drive of much of the island. The units are individually owned condominiums with rentals managed through an office on the premises. The accommodations are clean and comfortable; the staff helpful and attentive. Units include a fully equipped kitchen in which to prepare meals and plenty of places to sit and enjoy them. Fragrant flowers are all around the landscape adding a subtle sweetness to the air. A lovely pool and large lawn area provide please to relax. Here are a few pictures.

Sunrise looking southeast from the lanai overlooking the lawn area and rocky shore.

Sunrise looking to the east.

Tropical blooms take many forms.

Lanai view around lunch time.

Beautiful plantings complement the ocean view.

Pool area.