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Saturday, March 11, 2006

South on the Richardson Highway

Richardson Highway, Fairbanks to Valdez.

The Alaskan Pipeline snakes from the far north reaches of the state about 800 miles to the port of Valdez. Today, we cover almost 2/3 of that distance along the Richardson Highway from Fairbanks all the way to Valdez.

Along the way, herds of caribou cross the road and run along either side.

This time of year, at these high latitudes, the low sun angle combines with the snow-covered mountains to present us with exquisite views.

It's been a cloudy day but now some blue sky can be seen peeking through.

As the day stretches on toward evening, the sun, even lower in the sky, strikingly illuminates the snow-covered mountains in the distance.

A long and magnificant sunset begins.

Sunset in the far north can be lovely, dark, and deep, lasting long, their promise still to keep...

... and miles to go before we sleep. These Frosty words seem particularly
poignant in this frozen wonderland still hundreds of miles from the next rest.

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