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Monday, June 12, 2006

Crater Lake (updated 4/2/2007)

Newest aerial shot taken 4/2/2007 on an unusually close pass over the lake. This is the best crater lake shot yet. Click on the image to see a high resolution version.

More crater lake aerial imagery on Wild View Yonder.

Aerial shot taken on March 6, 2007

Aerial shot of Crater Lake taken on Jan 29, 2007.

Aerial of Crater Lake from 33,000. The lake must be very calm to have such a sharp reflection.

Crater Lake from 31,000.

Taken in 2005, this shot is from a vantage point a little further west.

Crater Lake from the rim. The water really is that amazing color!

Plenty of snow still on the ground in June.

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brio dasnachos said...

Beautiful pictures, Ian!!!

- Bri