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Sunday, October 08, 2006


I've been experimenting a bit with this one. Below are four variations. I find that I like them all. Which one do you like best?

1. Full Color, picking up the aesthetic flavor of a sume-e (墨絵) bamboo painting photographically.

2. Inverted Monochrome. Capturing more of the feeling of sumi-e painting but still clearly photographic.

3. Stll making no pretense of being anything other than a photograph, the enhanced contrast more closely resembles the contrast of a painting.

4. With a sumi-e algorithmic filter applied, to interesting effect.


Hai Chiizu! said...

Inverted monochrome is my favorite!

shahin said...

The inverted monochrome!

Wendy said...

The color is my choice - the out of focus background color is lovely to the bright green foreground.

Mrs. Social Butterfly said...

Door #2 (Inverted Monochrome)=P
- Jodie

The Letter said...

I like door #4!