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Monday, February 05, 2007

Yosemite National Park Day 2

On Sunday, we returned to the park with the benefit of the previous day's experiences. Having already visited all the major attractions, this afforded the opportunity to take focus more on some perhaps less noticed vistas.

A stream bed reveals a spectrum of color.

Standing atop a handicapped parking sign, this bird looked around expectantly as it made a series of unusual sounds. We surmised it was performing for a handout, as many tourists feed the animals, despite park rules to the contrary.

North Dome.

A wider shot of North Dome, its reflection visible in the creek.

A coyote rests near a roadside pull-out.

Yosemite Overview. Seen from a high mountain vista point just before going into through a tunnel on the way out of the park.

A view toward the San Joaquin Valley from about 6000' elevation on the road out.


the geebus said...

really nice

SteveS said...

great shots. there's something i really like about the first one, can't figure out what...