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Monday, May 28, 2007

Volcano (Updated 6/7/2007)

Mount St. Helens and Spirit Lake from above.

A closer look.

Another vantage point in different weather (taken June 7, 2007).

Spirit Lake.

Up close and personal with the mountain.

Still closer.

The river flows out from the melting snow and ice on and in the mountain through ash from the 1980 eruption.


Mrs. Social Butterfly said...

These are amazing shots! I’m so glad that you got the chance to take these pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Solo said...

Lovely shots, Eye.
It's a rather large subject at best. From a jetliner's porthole is a truly great viewpoint.
Of course, how you get such a nice, clear image from that porthole is still the stuff of mystery to me...

Solo said...

Eye, The "Another Vantage Point..." shot.
Wonderful stuff.
Not so much a mountain or volcano, but of a brawny swimmer straining against a tide of water and air. Perhaps a very large meringue.
Either way, sweet.
Brilliant capture.


The Letter said...

These shots are SPECTACULAR! You outdo yourself every time!

andriy said...

Absolutely spectacular views.