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Saturday, November 15, 2008

All wet!

[Updated 11/15/08 noon]

Western Washington has been pummeled these past few days with torrential rain. Add to this the runoff of melting snow from the mountains and you have overflowing rivers. Today, after a night of more heavy rainfall, the sun has come out to reveal the full extent of the flooding. Farms and homes are under water. Some amount of flooding is a common occurrence in this area, so the residents are somewhat used to it, but still it has displaced many people, and will no doubt leave quite a mess.

Panoramic view of the flooded valley. Click to enlarge.

Stables in the distance.

Swamped greenhouse.

Next day, same greenhouse, high, if not entirely dry just yet.

Flooded road. Note the mostly submerged speed limit sign for an idea of the depth of the water.

Evening shot of the same speed limit sign. Digits are starting to be visible indicating that the water level has fallen a few inches. See below for more evening images.

Next day noon, the water level has fallen considerably.

Another day later, the road is still impassable.

Another submerged road.

Same barn seen from the other side now that the water has gone down a lot.

Most of this road is still submerged.

Yet another flooded road and bridge in the distance. The current at this point is quite swift.

The water level has dropped enough to make the bridge accessible.

Beyond the bridge, the road is still under several inches of water but large pickup trucks are getting through.

Closer shot where the guardrail heads beneath the water.

Livestock at the water's edge.

Fences and gates showing the extent of the flooding.

That evening, the water had begun to recede but only by a little bit. The following shots were 60 second exposures.

Same location as the panoramic shot above, but closer up.

Flooded fields, mist rising from the water, cars passing by in the distance.

Next day some previously inaccessible areas opened up.

Small bridge, its guard rails now peeking out from under the water and covered with debris that was floating in the flood.

Next day, the bridge is no longer submerged. Even before the rest of the road is passable, a cleanup crew is on the scene.

Beyond the newly exposed and cleared bridge, the area is still quite flooded.

A boat tied up at the end of the bridge. It has been used to ferry people and supplies to and from the temporary island created by the flood.

Down the road a little, another flooded drive. Near the bottom of the ramp, some leaf debris forms a high water mark.

Next day, the water went down far enough to clear the road.

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