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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Japanese Garden

Behind the Sepulveda Dam in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles lies the Japanese Garden. On a recent weekend, I finally had a chance to visit and photograph this beautiful garden.

The central lake reflects the various garden features. At left can be seen the Tea House [click the image for a larger version]. To the right is the face of the adjacent sewage treatment and water reclamation plant. Fortunately the prevailing wind is usually blowing from the west or the north.
A breeze from the east can be an ill wind indeed.

Rock garden stepping stones lead to a trellis-covered patio with benches.

Many birds call the gardens home; others sojourn there seasonally.

Rocks reflect off the surface of the water. In the distance a traditional Japanese stone lantern graces the path.

A different style stone lantern perched above a boulder.

Looking across the lake from inside the Tea House. [HDR]

Fish in the lake just outside the Tea House.

Aerial view of the Japanese Garden.

Stereogram of the Aerial view (click to enlarge; cross eyes to converge the two images).

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The Letter said...

It feels like I am in Japan all over again. Beautiful garden - and restful.