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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elephant Seals

Elephant seals lounge on the beach.

Working on making more elephant seals.

A momentary disagreement.

Nursing the young.

A bull bellows.

Sunset as a bull bathes in the fresh water outflow of a stream.


Philip said...

Some great captures of seals here excellent post !!

The Eye said...


Thanks for your comment. After looking at your wildlife pictures, I can see you speak from experience. South Africa offers some unique photographic opportunities and you have posted many impressive captures.

The Letter said...

This is one of the most spectacular sunsets I have seen. Very different than the usual.

The Letter said...

Where were you in relation to the seals? Or is this a zoom picture?

The Eye said...

The seals come there annually to do their thing. There is a permanent viewing platform very near to where they haul out. This was shot from there but I did use a telephoto zoom lens.