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Sunday, February 13, 2011

G. Company, 361st Infantry, U.S.N.A, Camp Lewis, American Lake, Washington

G. Company, 361st Infantry, U.S.N.A, Camp Lewis, American Lake, Washington
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The Letter said...

Where did this come from? Looks like WWI uniforms.

The Eye said...

Modern camera optics have grown quite sophisticated, but to my knowledge, all still lack a zoom control that adjusts how far back in time they're looking.

I came across this picture on a wall at a military aviation themed restaurant, among many other period items. It struck me as interesting and I realized that it should be online and keyworded so it's findable. This way, anyone searching out related history or an ancestor might come across it.

WW1 is probably right, though unfortunately no date is provided. Note that there is quite a bit of variation in the uniforms, particularly in the shoes - a far cry from the mass-produced, identical uniforms commonly in use today.

According to the hand-written caption on the image, this picture was taken at "Camp Lewis" (near Tacoma, WA), later Fort Lewis, now known as Joint Base Lewis/McChord, having effectively merged with the adjacent McChord AFB.

A little window into a bygone era.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to enlarge this? My husband's grandfather is in it somewhere. Not sure yet when it was taken; before or after France and Belgium. Definitely WW1.

The Eye said...

To Anonymous:

I do have a higher-resolution image which I'd be happy to send you. Please comment again with an email address. I won't publish it.

It was for exactly this reason that I decided to photograph and publish this image in the first place. I saw it on the wall and figured someone might be looking for it.

12thengr said...

This picture was taken sometime in early 1918, before Co. 'G' and the 361st Inf sailed for France. I have a similar photo of Co. "K'

Anonymous said...

I think I know who one of the men seated in front may be. Capt. Jacob Kanzler of Portland Or. Could you e-mail me an enlargement or clearer image? Thanks; 12thengr