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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Seattle Skyline in Sunset Light & Sea-based X-band Radar

Updated July 25, 2011

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In case you're wondering what that huge golf ball is on the right side of this image, that is the U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s Boeing-built Sea-Based X-band Radar. This bizarre object is actually a ship. The dome houses a remarkably powerful and precise radar system that can track something the size of a baseball thousands of miles away. At a cost in the neighborhood of one billion dollars, this mobile radar facility is designed to track missiles, not baseballs. It is in port in Seattle for several months undergoing a variety of power and redundancy upgrades.

More information [SeattlePI].

After reading about this monster, I realized I had seen it before.

Aerial view on approach into Seattle/Tacoma International airport

Aerial on departure from Honolulu International Airport

A closer view

From shuttle boat en route to the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

A closer view from the shuttle boat

Back in Hawaii November 26, 2012, viewed from Blaisdell Park

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