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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hotel del Coronado

Front area.

Arrival area.

Hotel lobby with holiday decorations.

Antique Elevator.

Elevator door opening.

Inside the elevator, complete with elevator operator. The elevator was retrofitted with modern machinery and controls. The box near the operator's hip still contains the original lever control.

Ice skating on a "frigid" late autumn day (lower 70s).

Courtyard panorama.

The interior is a maze of hallways similar to this one. Though the decor is clean and relatively up-to-date, floors still slope and creak, ceilings are low and are not level. Far from being dark and dingy, as one might expect of such a vintage building, this place is light and airy with natural light streaming in from many directions. This is the original building with all the character that implies.

One of many classic stairwells.

Another panoramic courtyard view.

Overhead view (courtesy of Google Earth)
Note the dunes that spell out "Coronado".

Coronado dunes seen from ground level.

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