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Thursday, September 07, 2006

El Matador State Beach

Updated September 9, 2006

Erosion carves the cliffs deeply over time. Smoky red sunlight illuminates them in the moment.

Rocky "needles" poke from the water.

Bathed in the low angle light of early evening, a seagull spreads its wings in preparation for take-off.

Sunlight filters through the saltair cut by the sharp line of shadow cast by the cliff.

Seagull struts across the sand as the last wave retreats.

Reflected light from the water surface seen through passages beneath a large rock formation and above the crest of another smaller one in the foreground.

As the water rushes in, the gull begins a running take-off.

A wave crashes on, around, and through a large rock formation, glowing with sunlight.

The gull lifts off just as the wave overtakes him.

Sunset glow scattered in the saltair.

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