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Friday, September 22, 2006

Summer's Gentle Goodbye

The end of Summer in the Pacific Northwest. Tomorrow will officially begin Autumn. Already the leaves are showing early signs of changing color. Several days of rain have given way to a mostly sunny day with clouds drifting silently overhead.

Morning after the rain, a Rhododendron bud preparing already to bloom next Spring.

A few Gladioli still bloom. Soon enough, even they will take the hint and enter their dormant phase.

Late in the afternoon, the soft glow of low angle sunlight filters through these Rhododendron leaves.

Late afternoon sun imparts its magical glow on these Japanese Maple leaves as well.

A narrow beam of light strikes just one leaf while the others remain in shadow.

A dark maroon most of the summer, this bush is already beginning to change color. At the height of its display, it will glow in almost fluorescent hues.

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The Letter said...

And quite the eye you have. These are lovely. It makes me look forward to autumn.