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Friday, January 12, 2007

Good Morning, Redmond

Click the image for a larger view.
A blanket of fresh snow covers Redmond, Washington in this pre-dawn shot. The shadows on the snow are cast by moonlight. The brightening of the sky is from the pre-dawn glow of the rising sun. Other glows are from artificial light sources. The slight star trail effect is due to the 60 second exposure time.


Anonymous said...

I really like the golden light in the background. Nice composition.

In Victoria, we still have most of our last snowfall too. Its cold and very treacherous to walk on the icy roads today, but I should get out and try find some icicles to shoot.

The Eye said...

Thanks for your comment. Do you have your own photoblog? I'd love to look at it.

Andy said...

Nice shot. I like that mix of natural light and the splash of artificial light.

Solo said...

Eye, eye, eye...
A special shot indeed.
We dream about these ones.
Beautiful and haunting.