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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Amazing Water

Click the image to enlarge for clearer detail.

Water. It is basic to life as we know it. We drink it, bathe in it, cook with it. But left to its own devices, aided by cold temperatures, variable humidity and wind, water crystallizes into amazing shapes. Seen here up close is snow after it sat for a while in such conditions.

Snow falls in many places. To most of us, snow is just part of the background. Something pretty on the trees; something to plow from the roadway, shovel out of the driveway, or ball up and throw at someone. But in nature, the closer we look, the more interesting things get.


Wendryn said...

Very pretty - the dark background against the bright angularity of the ice is really neat.


The Eye said...

Hi Wendryn. Thanks for your comment. Long time no chat. It's good to hear from and nice to know you like my pix.

Anonymous said...

I only just noticed that you don't have to sign in to post comments anymore. Jodie told me about this a while ago & I've been enjoying a lot of your pictures, especially the close up nature ones.

Nice to know you're still out there!