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Monday, October 08, 2007

And the Rain Gives Way to Sunshine

If only for a brief time, the rain has subsided, the clouds have moved off, and the sun shines down through a deep blue sky. Autumn has progressed to a point of deeper colors but the show is far from over. Many trees are just beginning to show signs of their color change and others have yet to start.


liam said...

that is some excellent colour...True autumn. Really liking the composition of this shot Ian. not too much trickery this time though :)

ps: my previous mail mentioned not being able to RSS you but your comment is a link to your site which most at SC use to navigate the site (at least use them)..so hope you get some traffic via that


The Eye said...

Thanks, Liam. No trickery at all this time. The only manipulations were a crop to tighten the framing slightly and minor adjustment of the contrast curve to optimize the dynamic range.

I have gotten a few hits through that link implied in my comment. Of course as you post more images, that will be relegated to a historical position but so it goes. Do you know if you've gotten any traffic through my link toward you yet?


The Letter said...

Brilliant color! Electric feeling! You have done this before and it feels familiar.

erika d. said...

Stunning colors!