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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

California Firestorm: View From Above

Southern California was burning. It is certainly the most populated area currently affected, but there are forest and brush fires all the way up through Oregon. Smoke is everywhere.

Incident information

NASA MODIS/EOS Satellite Imagery
AQUA Satellite Imagery (October 21st) [NASA]
TERRA Satellite Imagery (October 22nd) [NASA]
AQUA Satellite Imagery (October 22nd) [NASA]
TERRA Satellite Imagery (October 23rd) [NASA]
AQUA Satellite Imagery (October 23rd) [NASA]
TERRA Satellite Imagery (October 24th) [NASA]
AQUA Satellite Imagery (October 24th) [NASA]
TERRA Satellite Imagery (October 25th) [NASA]
AQUA Satellite Imagery (October 25th) [NASA]
TERRA Satellite Imagery (October 26th) [NASA]
AQUA Satellite Imagery (October 26th) [NASA]
Cloud cover on the 27th provided a less than useful satellite view.
TERRA Satellite Imagery (October 28th) [NASA]
AQUA Satellite Imagery (October 28th) [NASA]
With these images, it appears the Southern California firestorm is pretty much concluded.

A Canadair / Bombardier CL-415 SuperScooper [Wikipedia] fire fighting aircraft landing at Van Nuys Airport to refuel.

Poking above the smoke.

A clear view down to a burn area somewhere north of the San Fernando Valley and west of Interstate 5.
Click to enlarge - some flames can actually be discerned even from this altitude and at this reduced resolution.

Another burn area seen from a bit higher.

Yet more active burns.

Looking toward the coast, the smoke is very evident.

Considerably further north and still smoky.

Another fire up near Fresno.

Plume from a fire near Mt. Shasta.

Klamath Lake with Mt. Loughlin looming in the background. Smoke from many fires visible all around.

Crater Lake. More fires visible in the foreground and the background.

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